External Asset Managers

TTL provides Multi-Asset Classes and Multi-Currency Wealth Management Technology Solutions to the External Asset Managers (EAMs)

External Asset Managers (EAMs) sector is rapidly expanding, Hong Kong and Singapore have a total of 160 independent asset management firms, and collectively manage US$91.5 billion in private wealth as of 2017.

As Asian markets have matured and wealth has increased, there is a booming client base of affluent young people who are open to different forms of wealth management. There is a lot of demand for EAMs in emerging markets such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as Hong Kong and Singapore.

TTL catches this market opportunity to supporting the customers to expand their business to wealth management and the first generation of funds, bonds, and structured products trading and settlement systems were launched in 2017. Afterward, TTL keep on upgrading the system and provide the full range of over-the-counter financial products such as Funds, Bonds, ELI, ELN, structural products’ trading execution management, risk management, settlement and custodian services for the EAMs.

We also provide the OTC products connectivity and API connectivity for supporting the global trading and settlement. Employee Stock Ownership Plan Management (ESOP) System also a hot item that the financial institutions would like to widen the base of customers and generate more income by providing such services. Therefore, TTL launched the first generation of ESOP platform in 2019 and it is now can support in different digital channels to fulfill the customers’ need.

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