TTL is the long-term strategy technical partner of the banks for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not a one-off project or initiative for the banks, it is something that strategically positions the financial institutions for the future. During this digital transformation journey, technology becomes a necessary tool or lever, to help the financial institutions reach the desired and defined business outcomes.

TTL is honored that received a lot of banks’ trust that we are the technical partner of their digital transformation journey. We work with the banks on Mobile Investment Platform, Two-factor security authentication (2FA), Mobile Security Token, Online Trading & Content Management System, Online/Mobile Trading Game, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) integration, Client Account Opening System to execute  Electronic know your customer (eKYC) involves the use of internet or digital means of identity verification, Cloud, Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning, Middle Office Development, etc.

TTL Mobile Investment Technology Solution is empowering users to experience banking without borders

The epidemic crisis, the dependence on online banking, the neo-bank has become the new normal, and the traditional banking industry is facing unprecedented reform pressure.

Banks need to deal with industry digitization, customer mobilization, influx of competitors and new regulations without compromising the customer experience. Innovation has been the driving force driving financial institutions to bring new trends in banking focused on digital delivery and improving customer experience.

TTL is the technical expert for support the investment platform revolution for the banks and other non-bank financial institutions. The purpose of TTL Mobile Investment Solution is to enhance customer experience, productivity, and efficiency of financial institutions with the introduction of mobile platforms, cloud, automation, and fully integration with the banks’ core system.

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