Data Analysis

TTL Data Analysis is a data-driven service for the financial institutions.

Focus on analyzing customer data to gain insights on customer behavior by different data sources, such as real-time data, pre-trade/post trade data and fundamental data, etc. In order to know your customers and fulfil the risk surveillance & compliance requirements of authorization, TTL Data Analysis is one of the solutions for the financial institutions to use analytics to make business decisions related to marketing, product development, sales, and compliance.

Analytics is a real-time trade and surveillance system in combination with Big Data Engine. It monitors and analyses portfolios, sales performance, trade and access pattern. By utilizing visualization and dynamic reporting tools, real-time rule based alerts setup are made easy, such as Multiple location access, Portfolio deviation, order price deviation, Trade exception, news, and social media messages. It can be fully integrated with WinVest™ Services to streamline the workflow, or by making use of any existing solution contributing data to our WinVest™ platform.

Core features include:

Real-time Alerts:

  • Access
  • Portfolio Deviation
  • Stock Deviation
  • Trade Exception
  • Price
  • News


Order Alerts:

  • Same Side Orders Alert
  • Order Price Deviation Alert
  • Price Fluctuation Alert
  • Price out of band Alert


OLAP Analysis:

  • AE Performance Analysis
  • Client Turnover and Commission Analysis
  • Ranking and Dynamic Analysis


Dynamic Analytic Tools:

  • Cash Overdrawn Report
  • Due and Holding Balance Ratio Report
  • Contract Forced Liquidation Report
  • Frequent Request Report
  • Short Sell / Shortfall Report
  • Discretionary Client Contract Report
  • Rogue Trader Monitor Report
  • IPO Application versus Account Balance Report
  • Instrument Large Price Drop and Volume Fluctuation Report
  • Suspicious Deposit Report
  • Margin Overdrawn Report
  • Margin to Ledger Ratio Report


Surveillance Features:

  • Trade and Order Surveillance
  • System Access Surveillance
  • Trade pattern by active monitoring
  • Analyze potential trading risks by detection rules

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